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Searching for an adrenalin rush

Thrill & action in Zillertal

An adrenaline-packing experience for everyone in search of adventure awaits you in and around Gerlos. Whatever you wish for - we gladly organize your own fun and action day you won't forget.

Frau mit Gurtzeug hängt am Startpodest des Arena Skyliners
Junge Frau und Mädchen beim Aufstieg am Klettersteig Zimmereben
Zwei Personen im Schlitten der Sommerrodelbahn Arena Coaster

Highropes Course

Experience pure excitement and a few butterflies out on the obstacle course 10 to 15 meters above the ground. Experienced mountain guides accompany you and make sure you‘re safe, guaranteeing you have all kinds of fun! A different way to get to know yourself a little better!

Highropes Course in Gerlos


Arena Coaster – the 1st alpine rollercoaster

Fun, action and speed await you on the 1st alpine rollercoaster here in Zillertal! The 1,450 meters-long coaster track begins right at the valley terminal for the Zillertal Arena in Zell. Countless undulations, banked curves and jumps promise lots of fun and action - and not just in summer! A 360° loop and another 540° loop are also guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping even more. Wow!

Arena Coaster in Zell am Ziller


Tandem Paragliding

Experience what it's like to fly like Icarus, float down towards the valley piggy-back with an experienced paraglider pilot. With breathtaking views of Zillertal's alpine world guaranteed.

Tandem Paragliding in Gerlos


Rafting & Canyoning

Throw yourself into the wild waters! Daredevils, especially, will be drawn by a raft ride out on the Wildgerlosbach in Gerlos. A chance for everyone to show what they're really made of.
A very special brand of excitement - definitely not for everyone! Truly breathtaking, those canyoning expeditions through the "Ronachschlucht" in Gerlos. A unique adrenaline rush including daredevil jumps and rappelling over waterfalls.

Rafting & Canyoning at the Zillertal Arena


Flying Fox at the Riederklamm

Ready for an adrenaline rush? The climbing-garden Riederklamm in Gerlos offers two Flying Fox routes at a height of 80 m. Being 200 meters long, you will 'fly' over the Riederklamm. The Flying Fox can only be used in dry weather and with the assistance of a guide. 

Flying Fox at the Riederklamm


Arena Skyliner - Gerlosstein

The Arena Skyliner is a new machine for flying and a further development of the Flying Fox.  It offers all Arena guests even more fun, action and an unparalleled bird's-eye perspective of the fascinating mountain world! It has 4 routes with a length of up to 738 m and it dashes with a maximum speed of 50 km/h over the Gerlosstein area.

Arena Skyliner Gerlosstein