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Healing Powers of Precious Stones

The power of gemrocks at the hotel Kristall

Crystals and precious stones were a source of fascination and inspiration for our grandparents as well, which is why, more than 50 years ago, they gave their newly built hotel & guesthouse the name "Kristall".

You will discover restful sleep in our Energy Rooms, which we have dedicated to the precious stones "Rock Crystal“, "Amethyst" and that stone of love, "Rose Quartz". You can also gaze upon these crystals and precious stones throughout our hotel, succumbing to their fascination, allowing them to "touch" you personally. Experience life to the max as you explore the countryside of Zillertal's mountain world, and as you get to know our Tyrolean folk customs and culture. You will find your way back to your own personal rhythm, perhaps during an aromatic massage with precious stones, or as you relax and pause for thought in our wellness area, with its mineral energy centers.

Furthermore, with every meal at the hotel and in the Kristall Wellness Oasis itself, we serve you reenergized, revitalized waters using technology developed by Johann Grander.

Rose Quartz

Its zodiac sign: Rose quartz is the stone of Taurus, the bull.

General Info / History: Since antiquity, rose quartz has been venerated as the stone of love and the heart. The Greeks and Romans believed that rose quartz was brought to the Earth by the love gods Eros and Amor, so that people would receive the power of love and reconciliation. 

Detailaufnahme einer Ansammlung von einzelnen Rosenquarz-Steinen

Its effects on the body: Rose quartz helps with heart complaints. Placed upon the heart, it directs needed oxygen to the heart. Rose quartz helps prevent thrombosis and heart attacks. The stone has protective effects for the chest, ovaries, uterus and testicles. Laid under a pillow, rose quartz protects from depression and sleep disorders. Rose quartz also has benefits for fertility. Large specimens of rose quartz absorb radiation from the earth and water. Fist-size stones protect from electromagnetic computer emissions.

Its effects on the psyche: Rose quartz intensifies the need for love and loyalty. It also increases the sense for beauty. Rose quartz provides greater support for the psyche, and allows you to let go of lost love. It protects you from fear of renewed disappointments. For children, rose quartz protects them from spiritual problems. Couples can use rose quartz to avoid estrangement. Worn as a long necklace, rose quartz also helps to deal with lovesickness.

Care for the stone: Because this is a very strong healing stone, rose quartz should be cleaned, and thus discharged, with lukewarm water twice a month. Afterwards, the rose quartz can be recharged for several hours with amethyst and rock crystals.

Its chakra: Rose quartz is mainly responsible for the heart chakra.

Source: Lexicon of Healing Stones


Its zodiac sign: The amethyst is the stone of Pisces, the fish.

Its history: The amethyst's name comes from Greek and means "not drunk". The Greeks believed that the amethyst endowed steadfastness, also protecting from homesickness, magic and inebriation. The amethyst is venerated by all cultures. 

Detailaufnahme eines Amethyst-Kristalls

Its effects on the body: The amethyst helps to soothe the nerves and heart, whilst also improving concentration. Under a pillow, amethyst promotes quiet, recuperative sleep, and prevents nightmares. Amethyst stabilizes blood pressure, both high and low. Placed as a ball in the home, it shields from negative earth radiation.

Its effects on the psyche: Amethyst strengthens faith. It leads to just deeds and judgment. The amethyst prevents learning problems as well as test anxiety. It also stimulates the imagination.

Care for the stone: It is recommended that the amethyst be rinsed off once a month with lukewarm water. This cleanses and discharges the stone. The stone should be recharged in a group of amethyst crystals. The sun is not suitable for recharging amethyst and should be avoided.

Its chakra: The chakra of Amethyst is the crown chakra.

Source: Lexicon of Healing Stones

Rock Crystal

Its zodiac sign: Rock crystal is the stone of Leo, the lion.

Its history: The ancient Romans believed that their gods lived in rock crystal, which was said to give them their wisdom and courage. It also brought them loyalty in love. The American Indians lay a rock crystal in the cots of their babies, in order to protect them from all things evil. The Buddhists hope that rock crystal will give them total enlightenment when meditating. 

Detailaufnahme eines Bergkristalls

Its effects on the body: The rock crystal has soothing, purifying and healing effects on the arteries and blood vessels. It soothes the nervous system, whilst also stabilizing the cardiovascular system. The stone can also have soothing effects for headache, joint pain, back pain, menstruation discomfort and disc problems. Rock crystal warmed in the sun reduces eye complaints such as excessive tearing and shortsightedness.

Its effects on the psyche: Rock crystal bonds earth and water radiation into a positive energy. It cleanses mind and soul. It also dissolves energy blockages. Anyone wearing rock crystal is helped to make just, clear decisions.

Care for the stone: The stone can be recharged in the sun or overnight in a group of rock crystals. To discharge and cleanse the stone, it should be rinsed off in lukewarm water once a month.

Its chakra: The rock crystal clarifies all other chakras.

Source: Lexicon of Healing Stones